Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What is Space Monkey?

Part of the Space Monkey mission statement in progress is:

"We want to honor the fact that it's our children that are giving us space in their world."

That sort of sums it up how we feel about children, but there's MUCH more to us than that, at least in the way we think of products for families with children.

The concept begins in early 2009. Dan Peeler and Charlie Rose received a call from their web guys about a client who was opening a new pediatric dentist office and wanted children's art. We began the process of meeting and seeing her new dental space. But this wasn't the first time out for going to another location to fit art into a space. We quickly decided to make this an online store where our clients could see all kinds of art at one convenient location and order it directly from our store.

But wait.....there wasn't a store and certainly nobody to operate it.

Enter Elliott and Laura Seymour. Two seminary school drop-outs who seemed a perfect match for our seminary school drop-out Dan Peeler. Through a chance meeting on Facebook of a mutual friend we all met for dinner at Trader Vic's in Dallas. Elliott has a hugely successful eBay store which exploded over a year ago wit his golden touch. But it was at least a month before we even talked about marketing an idea, let alone landing on the fact that we had a few start-up concepts in mind, one of them called Space Monkey.

Peeler and Rose bring a commercial TV animation for children and design and advertising background which includes a 65+ year combined history of experience in children's tv beginning with Sesame Street, Warner Bros. Looney Tunes™, style guides and design catalogs for Chuck E. Cheese. Gel along with the drive and instinctive marketing experience of or new friends, the new band of leaders began detailing a strategy which started with one random question from Ms. Seymour: "So who does your marketing?"

We had no idea the answer to that question would be fulfilled by the one who asked it.

More to come....