Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tiki Starburst Retro Modern Atomic Splendor

Just found another site with lots of retro modern coolness. She has some real class and of course, lives in Tyler Texas.....just a hop skip and jump from Big D.

Any-who......The law of attraction seems to be heavily at work these days. Retro fabrics abound and my atomic Kitty muse is paying this daddy-O lots O visits.

I'm jazzed because I have happened upon the Franciscan Starburst China on eBay.....and felt suddenly VERY behind. Where have I been? So I have "acquired" some new pieces, not without a little grief to my bank account, no less. But I just couldn't resist anything that looks like George Jetson would have eaten off of it....let alone Donna Reed.

Okay enough.