Thursday, October 15, 2009

Inspiration Part 2

People often ask us what inspires us to draw or paint certain things. That's an easy question with lots of answers. But it can be clearly boiled down to doing what we enjoy and what we surround ourselves with.

Of all the subjects, art is our own personal entertainment. It is derived from the stimuli we interact with everyday such as world history, pop culture, tv and movies and so on. Dan is an avid teacher and Bible and Theology Historian. His fascination has become an inspired part of the business at Peeler-Rose teaching parents and children the importance of peace and inclusion. Inclusion is a concept that bleeds over to our various art subjects, all of which is intended to touch the lives of mnay people, no matter what age group they may fall into.

What inspires art at Space MOnkey? All the above. At Space MOnkey we have a sense of creating happy spaces whether in your mind or in your home. Our art automatically evokes a feeling of forgotten childhoods and a the retro past of roadside Americana. We know that people love and are inspired by a visit to the zoo or your favorite comic book shop. We combine so much of what we love into out art.

Dan Peeler and Charlie Rose have worked together for over 26 years in the film and TV business as both animators, graphic artists and puppeteers. Currently the team creates cartoon-styled graphics, classical illustration in both digital and fine art fields.

The team connected as business partners back in 1983 having formed their children’s entertainment company (Peeler Rose Puppet Shows) after many successful years as co-producer/animation director from 1968-1978 for 22 animated segments for Sesame Street and the Children’s Television Workshop along with board member of the era, Bill Cosby.

The team fine-tuned their cartoon abilities producing animated commercials for Kelloggs, Dr. Pepper and many others.

In 1989, they combined the animation and puppet companies to form Peeler Rose Productions LLC, developing and producing programs for many clients including, The Disney Channel, PBS and The Learning Channel. The half-hour format programs began in the mid-1980s with one animated short teaching about racism called Oliver Jones for Simon & Shuster.

During this same period, Peeler and Rose designed and facilitated children’s and family workshops in puppetry and art. The next milestone came in the early 1990s when we were contracted to re-design Chuck E. Cheese plus the entire cast of supporting characters, and to create their first Corporate Character Style Guide, which is still in use today.

Capping this list, the team co-produced and directed a live-action puppet/costume character series with famed singer/songwriter Bobby Goldsboro on his hit TV series Bobby Goldsboro's Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon for PBS and the Learning Channel, still airing on the Inspiration Cable Network in various markets.

Peeler and Rose are currently the Artists-In-Residence at the Old Jail Art Center in Albany, Texas; Partners-In-Education for United Church of Christ and members of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators).